Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Need Of Car Accident Insurance

If you have your own car and travel often in it to your workplace and other locations, then for you the need of car accident insurance is a must. Cars are very convenient mode of traveling and many people use them.

News - ‘Avon calling’ to sell insurance

Cosmetics firm Avon is finance insurance 20000 sales agents, who may help it sell financial services door to door. As well as the usual lipgloss and perfume, consumers may be offered life and car insurance and credit cards.

Nationwide Insurance seeks "real people" for upcoming photo shoot

Here's an e-mail I got today from some folks casting a South Florida photo shoot for Nationwide Insurance. If you're interested contact Michael Lehman directly:.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Auto Owner's Insurance: Ensuring Your Car And Your Future

Dave Poon offers the following royalty-free article for you to publish online or in print. Feel free to use this article in your newsletter, website, ezine, blog, or forum.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

In September, individual of the UK’s largest car insurers announced that they expect car assurance premiums to a 10-20% in the nearest twelve months.

Insurance Sales Fraud

Beware of bogus insurance salespeople. There are a lot of pseudo health insurance companies out there selling fake plans to employers and individuals.

Car insurance greens up its act

Could car insurance certificates soon be issued online? Going paperless is an effective way for businesses to do something for the environment, and it could be that car insurance is about to jump aboard the bandwagon. (more…)